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Bumblebee Shopper

Bumblebee Shopper

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Essential Wallet
Pelcor Cap

Pelcor Cap


Discover Pelcor

Pelcor is a brand that focuses on design, innovation and sustainability - qualities
that are conveyed to customers through its entire range of products, 
including accessories for everyday life, the office and travel.

The collection features modern styles in a variety of vibrant colors, and includes
a range of classic, exquisitely designed pieces with premium nishes, 
beginning with the careful selection of cork.

More than a fashion accessory, every Pelcor product is the
result of nine years of waiting.


Why Cork?

A symbol of renewal and longevity, the cork oak has a lifetime of 250-350 years and is the tree whose bark regenerates itself after each harvest. It takes 20 to 25 years before the first cork can be remove from the oak.

"A symbol of renewal and longevity"

After this extraction, the tree regenerates, allowing cork to be drawn every nine years. An adult Cork Oak produces several hundred kilograms of cork each harvest and will live for many generations.

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